Ukok, the tattooed mummy of Siberia, returns home

Ukok, the tattooed mummy of Siberia, returns home

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At the top of the Altai mountains of Siberia, not far from the border between Russia and Mongolia, a team of researchers found in 1993, the mummified body of a young woman, with the curiosity that is fully tattooed, remarkably resembling a person "modern”. Now Princess Ukok (as it is known, although it is also called "The Ice Lady"), returns home after having conducted in-depth studies.

However, the 25-year-old woman was buried 2,500 years ago and probably belonged to the nomadic tribe Pazyryk, who inhabited the area for centuries.

The body was well preserved thanks to the cold, which allows them to be seen tattoos of animals and other figures that in all probability, they are the deities of this tribe.

If we compare the tattoos found in different mummies from all over the world, those found in Pazyryk's mummies are the most complex and beautiful of all”, Commented Natalia Polosmak, the team's lead investigator to The Siberian Times. "The tattoos show an incredible artistic level," he added.

The young woman was buried on a plateau a short distance from six horses and two men, who were possibly his spiritual companions in the afterlife.

Polosmak said that there are greater examples of tattoos, such as those of Ötzi, the famous "Ice man”Found in the Italian Alps and dated to the 3,300 BC., which had some short and parallel lines on the legs and lower back, although no other remains have been found with such elaborate body decoration as the princess ukok.

On his left shoulder, Ukok has a representation of a fabulous mythical animal, a deer with a griffin beak and goat horns. On his wrist he has a deer with a very elaborate antler, and this animal too one of the men has it tattooed found close to the princess, although it covers most of the right side of her body.

The tattoos they were probably made with ink made from burnt plants, rich in potassium. The skin was pierced with a needle or other sharp object, and rubbed with a mixture of soot and grease.

The Siberian Times

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