Amateur archaeologists discover strange dinosaur footprint

Amateur archaeologists discover strange dinosaur footprint

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Archeology enthusiasts who were on a tour in the south wales coast discovered what is believed to be a footprint of a dinosaur that roamed the earth more than 200 million years ago.

The group, led by Karl-James Langford, the founder of Cymru Archeology, was studying in the Sully beach areawhen one of them found the footprint.

The area around Sully Beach and Bendrick Rock is considered one of the most important in Great Britain with dinosaur footprints. Some of them have been taken to the National Museum of Wales.

But Langford believes his group has identified a new footprint and has reported the find to the museum's geology department. Langford says: "It was very exciting when we came across this new find of a dinosaur footprint. It is similar to those found on the coast and is a footprint of an Anchisauripus”.

Keep going: “The Anchisauripus was a small dinosaur that measured no more than a human and lived in the Triassic period between 230 and 195 million years ago. The dinosaur lived in a semi-arid landscape, dominated by salt marshes and sand dunes and shallow lakes. The dinosaur could have hunted insects and small lizards”.

Tom Sharpe, Curator of Paleontology at the National Museum says that I could examine the find. Sharpe, who is a regular visitor to Sully Beach and Bendrick Rock, says new footprints are still possible, they may not be dinosaurs but yes from other reptiles.

Sharpe says: “What is significant in Wales are the dinosaurs of the Triassic, just before the Jurassic. There are sediments on the south coast of Wales, especially in the Vale of Glamorgan, which are 230 million years old”.

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